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1 August 2000

By Larry Grossman

With football season quickly approaching, the betting public should be aware of the shysters and con-artists that try without any moral compass to get their sleazy hands in your wallet. Over the past decade I have tried and in some cases succeeded to inform the public of some of the scams that are business as usual in the football scamdicapping industry.

One of the most obvious of these is the claim that a particular service has a "lock game". That infers that it is a sure thing, a can't lose proposition. If you are that gullible and believe this nonsense, I'm wondering about how you got your money in the first place. It always amazes me that reasonably intelligent people will buy into this nonsense. Do you think that if someone truly did have a "lock game", they would sell it to you for just $25 or $50?

Are you the betting public that naïve? Obviously there is a certain percentage of football bettors that are. Otherwise how could these fleas continue year after year to advertise in the paper and pay for those 800 and 900 phone lines?

Also, if you are paying for these phony promises, how much more do you have to wager to make up for the expense of the information? Your win percentage has to go way up. Take a pen and pad and figure it out. It will amaze you as it enlightens you.

Please do not get confused with some legitimate handicappers and services that do the job and run their businesses ethically. I'm just trying to save you the aggravation and expense of getting involved with the bottom of the barrel types that swear up and down that a certain game "can't lose". "This game's a LOCK they'll tell you. If you somehow do get sucked into a situation that you find yourself slowly losing control and you are throwing good money after bad, just write it off and change your phone number.

I am trying to protect my readers from getting taken advantage of. Save this column and share it with your fellow football bettors. It is tough enough to win at football betting without paying some smooth talking wannabe wise guy for useless information. Remember if someone uses the word lock, hang up the phone.

"The trick always, in taking a sucker is to get him to suggest a bet."
Marty Reisman

"Winning isn't going to change your life. So don't bet so much that you can get hurt. If that's what betting is all about for you, wear dog tags so they know where to ship the body."
Larry Merchant

The race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, but that's the way to bet.
Damon Runyon

As Always…Good Luck!

Larry Grossman
Larry Grossman is host and producer of Las Vegas' most popular gaming and handicapping radio show, "You Can Bet On It." Since 1989 he has interviewed World Champion poker players that include Amarillo Slim, Puggy Pearson, and Tom McEvoy. Regular guests during the football season include Lem Banker, Mike Lee, Mort Olshan, and Andy Iskoe.

During the 1997 and 1998 season, Grossman hosted a nationally televised show that featured many of the nations' top handicappers.

Larry Grossman is the author of two books, "You Can Bet On It" Volume 1 - Casino Games and Volume 2 - Sports Betting. He is a regular columnist for many gaming publications. Larry has hosted and produced handicapping seminars in Las Vegas. Visit to listen to archives of his "You Can Bet On it" radio show.

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